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What kind of disinfectant solution should i use?
For optimum results, we recommend using alcohol of at least 75% or higher. Please note that the Momo Spray® is only designed to atomize alcohol and not any form of oily or thicker liquids such as sanitizing gel.
Do I need to add water to the alcohol?
The Momo Spray®'s atomizer is designed to vehemently atomize alcohol into a fine high volume mist without the need for any other additional mixing liquids such as water.
How long does each spray last?
The Momo Spray®'s powerful and efficient atomizer is engineered to spray the precise optimal amount of alcohol during each ten second spray, making it economical and waste-free.
How often do I need to fill the reservoir?
The Momo Spray®'s unique atomizer, coupled with its large 5.4oz reservoir make it extremely economical. With normal use (10 sprays per day), you may expect to replenish the alcohol inside your Momo Spray® once every 8-10 weeks.
What is the battery voltage of the Momo Spray®?
The battery is compatible with any power outlet between 110v-220v.
How do I charge my Momo Spray®?
You may charge your Momo Spray® with your cell phone charger, and the USB chord provided with your product.
How long does my Momo Spray® take to charge?
A full charge takes just over 2 hours, and should last up to 1 week with normal use (standby 10-12 hrs a day, average 10 sprays per day).
How long can i use my Momo Spray® on a full charge?
Our powerful and durable 1800mAh rechargeable battery is capable of lasting up to 1 week with normal use (10 sprays per day) on a full charge (standby 10-12 hrs a day). For heavier use, we recommend charging your Momo Spray® at least once every couple of days. You may continue to use your Momo Spray® normally during a charging cycle.
Can I change the battery?
In case of defects we will replace the battery. Simply contact us, and we will solve it. Please do not open the device yourself in any way, as doing so will result in a loss of your warranty.
1. To open the reservoir: Gently pull the cap horizontally and lift to reveal and remove the rubber plug.
2. Pour 75% alcohol into the reservoir, place the rubber plug back over the opening, slide the lid shut, and allow alcohol to sit for two minutes to ensure the filter adequately absorbs the solution.
3. Press the on/off button once - A blue light shall appear indicating that the Momo Spray® is now switched on and ready for use.
4. Your Momo Spray® shall activate when hands or items are placed over the infrared sensor at a distance of up to 4". During activation, the blue indicator light will appear green.
5. To switch off, simply press the on/off button twice in a row, or leave the Momo Spray® unused for a continuous period of 24 hours.