What modes does the Momo Glow have?
The Momo Glow can be used in AUTO or ON modes. 
ON = Momo Glow remains on
AUTO = Switches on automatically only when dark and movement is detected. Remains on for 30 seconds and turns off again if no more movement is detected.
What are some recommended places I should attach my Momo Glow?
We recommend placing your Momo Glow in high traffic areas of your home i.e stairs and corridors where you may pass by without touching any light switches. Customers have also told us that use of our Momo Glow in their baby's room has worked extremely well, as the Luzinha activates the moment you enter the room, without emitting a flash directly in their child's face as is ever so common with traditional lighting. In addition to the above suggestions, we also recommend cupboards as a great place to attach your Momo Glow. Our product can be used in any place where you feel it will simplify your day to day life!
What color light is emitted by the Momo Glow?
The Momo Glow emits a 2.5W Cool White 4000k light, perfect for brightly lighting closets, cabinets, corridors, bathrooms, and bedrooms.
Does Momo Glow require a power outlet?
No, the Momo Glow contains a rechargeable battery, and therefore does not require a power outlet for use.
What is the battery voltage?
The battery is compatible with any power outlet between 110v-220v.
How do I charge my Momo Glow?
You may charge your Momo Glow with your cell phone charger, and the USB chord provided with your product.
Can I change the battery?
In case of defects we will replace the battery. Simply contact us, and we will solve it. Please do not open the device yourself in any way, as doing so will result in a loss of your warranty.
I received my Momo Glow but I don't know how to attach it, how should I proceed?
For non metallic surfaces, use the double-sided 3M adhesive sticker provided wth the product along with the metallic support piece. Stick the 3M adhesive to the metallic support piece, and attach the piece where you would like to install the Momo Glow. Finally, place the back of the Momo Glow over the metallic support piece, which will stick direclty to it thanks to its inbuilt magnet. For metallic surfaces, simply place your Momo Glow in its desired position, as the internal magnet will ensure it stays in place.