The best value air fryer of its category: 1 Touch, 12 Dishes!

The Momo EasyFry®'s revolutionary 12 function digital control wheel makes it the best value air fryer on today's market. Find out more below:

Ceramic, Safe, Chemical Free Basket - Dishwasher Friendly!

100% Teflon-Free and safe for the entire family. Our Ceramic basket and grill plate can go straight into your dishwasher after use!


Look no further!

The Momo Sleeve® double sided 5 gallon bottle cover's unique and elegant design will transform your scratched up water gallon from an eyesore to an aesthetically pleasing decorative feature, wherever it is located.


See all our double sided 100% durable neoprene designs in action below!


The newest and most effective way to sanitize! See our Momo Spray in action below:



Zero waste, zero stickiness! The Momo Spray® is here to stay!

The perfect portable sanitizer for you and your family. The Momo Spray® is equipped with unique atomizing air compression technology that transforms alcohol into fine particles of high volume mist, providing a touchless waste-free sanitizing experience without the sticky sensation of regular gel.


Preparation for first use

Your Momo Spray® has arrived! Learn how to correctly prepare your Momo Spray® Smart Sanitizer for a seamless, waste free sanitizing experience!


The dispenser in action. See our full comprehensive product video below: 

 Easy to install, even easier to use! 

It's that easy! The Momo M4 extracts up to 40gal on a single charge, and fits perfectly over any gallon bottle thanks to its unique silicone sealing system - no adapters required! Totally safe and free from bisphenol A, the Momo M4 recharges fully via USB in just 4-5 hours, and has an inbuilt LED light indicating various battery levels. Make your daily life easy with the Momo Lifestyle® M4 water dispenser and its 4 smart functions, include smart memory!

First Installation & Use
Your highly anticipated order has arrived, but you still have questions regarding installation and use? Learn how to set up, correctly install, and use the smart functions of the Momo M4 water dispenser.
Momo M4® - Setting your dispenser's smart memory:
Drytomita® Bath Mat
Made from a mineral known as diatomite, this hit product is finally avialble in the US thanks to Momo Lifestyle!
The Drytomita® bath mat absorbs water extremely quickly, and dries in just 1 minute! More great reasons to equip your home with the Drytomita®:
Ultra fast absorption!
Ecological & doesn't require chemical products for cleaning!
Slick design to suit your home!
Non scratching material!
Comparison with tradational bath mats
Discover the magic of the Drytomita® bath mat, and why our ultra fast absorbtion technology is taking the US by storm!
First Use & Cleaning
Find out what's included with your Drytomita® bath mat, and how to care for it.
Luzinha® Modes of Application
The Luzinha® by Momo Lifestyle was developed to facilitate your daily life. Stop searching for switches in the dark. Our Luzinha® has a cozy light (warm yellow 0.2w) that automatically switches on in the dark for 15 seconds when in AUTO mode thanks to our state of the art motion sensor capable of detecting movement from up to 9-12ft away.
First Use
Find out what comes with the product, as well as how to install and use your Luzinha®!
Your highly anticipated order has arrived, but do you still have questions regarding installation and use? Find out what's included with your Luzinha®, how it works, and how to fix it to any surface. Running out of battery? No problem, our Luzinha® charges via USB, just like a cell phone.