Your Portable Blender is not working? Check out these tips!

Your Portable Blender is not working? Check out these tips! - Momo Lifestyle

The Momo Lifestyle Portable Collapsible Blender is a perfect addition to any routine! With its practicality and portability, it offers a range of benefits. It also comes with various safety features to ensure you can use it with peace of mind, so questions about its operation may arise.

With unique technology, our Blender features:

- Double-click activation: To avoid accidental activation, especially around children, the Momo Blender only starts with a double-click on the power button.

- Magnetic safety system: The Blender has a detection mechanism that ensures it only operates when the cup is fully screwed onto the base. When the silicone jar is correctly positioned, the indicator light flashes blue three times. If the cup is not properly positioned, the light blinks blue and red simultaneously, indicating you need to check and try to fit it again.

- Perfect sealing ring fit: Another Momo Blender safety feature is the placement of sealing rings on both the base and the jar. If any or both are not properly set up, the blender will not operate, and the light will blink red.


For more information, you can check out the Blender Manual or watch our video below:


Your Portable Blender might not have a technical issue! Check out our tips and test your Blender. Reach out to us if it's still not functioning, and we'll address your issue.