Minimalism: The trend that's here to stay

Minimalism: The trend that's here to stay - Momo Lifestyle


The truth is that we are constantly bombarded with new information and because of this, many of us are exhausted. All we want are clean corners, simple shapes, and practical things, that's minimalism.

When we adopt the mantra "Less is more" from the home to the wardrobe, always rethinking each of our items and reflecting on the purpose and usefulness of this object in our lives, we can focus on what is essential. This is an important step towards personal fulfillment.


Where to start?


There are no rules or absolute truths, as what is essential varies from person to person. But here are some steps that will help you get into this lifestyle:

1. Utility

Have only what you need, like, and use.

2. Organization

With fewer items, it is easier to maintain organization. Keeping objects in place reflects a organized life and saves time to be enjoyed in more important moments than arranging things out of place every day.

3. Quality

Buy quality things with long durability and use them until the end.

4. Control your mind

Spending more time worried about your past or future only creates problems, the past is gone, it can't be changed, and the future doesn't exist, focus on what's important: today and now.

Remember: Minimalism is not about living with nothing, it's about living with what makes sense to you, in your different stages of life.

All Momo products were created based on minimalism. For us, it makes more sense to have functional objects that solve a problem, are practical, and make our already complex daily lives easier. And, of course, the aesthetics that don't weigh down the environment, without sacrificing quality and long-lasting durability, which reduces waste on the planet.

Get to know the minimalist aesthetics of our products.