How to take care of your Drytomita

How to take care of your Drytomita - Evelyn Momo

 Hey, guys! Have you heard of our Drytomita Stone Bath Mat that keeps your bathroom crisp and dry? This product is a fantastic addition to your bathroom that will upgrade and revolutionize your bathroom routine! 😄

We've also received some questions on how to care for your new bath mat, and we're here to answer them all! So, let's dive into some recommendations on how to show your 100% organic, non-scratch, and non-slip stone bath mat some love. 🪔✨

               Drytomite inside the bathroom

How to Look After Your Drytomita:

You know that your Momo Drytomita is a piece of cake, right? It doesn’t require any regular machine washing that traditional fabric bath mats do, but here we’ll give you some extra tips to keep it gleaming at all times!

Superficial Stains: For small or superficial stains, running water and a sponge will do the job just fine! Simply sponge it off and you’re good to go again!

Heavier Stains: If there are stains that refuse to disappear, don't worry! Simply use the sandpaper provided with your Drytomita bath stone to sand off the stain, and remove the sanded residue with a damp cloth! If your sandpaper has mysteriously vanished, that’s fine too, as any 400-grit sandpaper will do the job!

Pro Tip: Do you want your Drytomita to last well into the future? Be sure to give this organic and porous stone mat some time to breathe at least once a week by standing it upright in your bathroom, or somewhere with decent airflow to allow the under-side to dry out properly. Be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight, or any artificial heating source such as a hair dryer to avoid damage to the porous minera. By following our pro tip, you’ll be prolonging its life so you can reap its benefits for even longer! 💃😎

Cleaning Products - Never!

Here's the golden rule: Do not use cleaning products on your Drytomita! It's the kind of mat that doesn't need heavy-duty cleaning. If you use the wrong products, the bath mat could also lose its amazing ultra fast water absorption properties or even become stained unintentionally. 😱

feet in drytomita

Is the Drytomita Fragile?

We've conducted a thrilling safety test with our Drytomita, dropping it from a height of 1.5 meters, and guess what? It came out unscathed! 💪😄 But don't try this at home (or in your bathroom), as beginner's luck isn't always guaranteed here. Take good care of your Drytomita, avoid any accidental falls and unnecessary impacts. It deserves all your love! ❤️


The Drytomita's Lifespan

Here's the great news: when you follow our tips properly, your Drytomita can last well beyond our 1 year warranty. That’s Amazing, right? 😊🎉


Questions Answered?

If all your questions have been answered and you're smiling, that’s awesome! But if something’s still bothering you, don't hesitate to reach out to us on Instagram. Simply send your questions with the fabulous #AskMomo hashtag, and we'll be ready to help you with whatever you need! ✨😊