How to Clean Your Portable Blender

How to Clean Your Portable Blender - Momo Lifestyle

At Momo Lifestyle, we prioritize practicality and efficiency in your daily routine. One of the best ways to achieve this is with our Portable Collapsible Blender! To keep it in top condition and ensure it lasts for many years, it’s crucial to know how to clean it properly. Let's walk you through the steps to keep your Blender looking as good as new!

Cleaning the Power Base

The base of your Portable Blender houses the electrical components, so it’s very important to be careful when cleaning it. Never submerge the base in water or wash it directly under the tap, as this can cause a short circuit.

Instead, follow these tips:

- Turn it off: Safety first! Always turn off the appliance before cleaning it.

- Use a damp cloth: Wipe the base with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or residue. If it needs a more thorough cleaning, make sure the USB port is closed.

- Dry with a dry cloth: After cleaning with the damp cloth, use a dry cloth to ensure the base is completely dry before using your Blender again.

Cleaning the Sealing Rings

The sealing rings of your Portable Collapsible Blender are essential to prevent leaks. Additionally, the ring on the base ensures the electrical parts don’t come into contact with your food. Over time, they can accumulate residue and become discolored. To keep them in good condition, follow these steps:

- Boil the rings: Carefully remove the sealing rings from the cup and place them in a pot with boiling water for 2 minutes. This will help remove any residue and prevent discoloration.

- Dry thoroughly: After boiling, let the rings dry completely before reattaching them to the Blender.

Cleaning the Cup

The cup is where the magic happens! Keeping it clean ensures your drinks and recipes always taste great and are free from unwanted residue.

- Wash immediately after use: The best way to avoid tough-to-clean residue is to clean it immediately after use.

- Blend water and detergent: Fill the cup with water and add a drop of detergent. Place the lid on and turn the blender on for a few seconds. This will help loosen any residue stuck to the blades and sides of the silicone jar.

- Rinse well: After blending the water and detergent mixture, rinse the cup thoroughly with running water to remove any soap residue and let it dry naturally or with a towel.

To see the instructions in action, you can check out our detailed cleaning video below:



Extra Maintenance Tips

To maximize your Momo Lifestyle Portable Collapsible Blender, follow these maintenance tips:

- Do not use the appliance while charging: Wait for the product to fully charge before using it, and avoid keeping it plugged in after it's fully charged in order to optimize battery life.

- Do not exceed the maximum capacity: Ensure you don’t fill the cup beyond the maximum capacity indicated, as this prevents leaks and motor overload.

Keeping your Portable Blender clean and in good condition is easier than you might think! By following our guide, you can make the most of all the advantages it offers. Remember, at Momo Lifestyle, we’re always here to help you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!