How to Clean Stone Bath Mat

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How to Clean a Stone Bath Mat


In the evolving world of home decor, bathroom essentials have taken a leap towards sustainability and innovation. Among these innovations, the stone bath mat stands out, particularly the Drytomita® by Momo Lifestyle. Known for its quick-drying properties and stylish appearance, this bath mat not only enhances bathroom aesthetics but also promotes a hygienic environment.

What is a Stone Bath Mat?

A stone bath mat differs significantly from traditional fabric mats. It is made from diatomaceous earth, a naturally occurring material that offers exceptional absorbency and quick-drying capabilities. The Drytomita® by Momo Lifestyle, specifically known as the Drytomita Grande, showcases a sleek modern design with a flat surface that is incredibly easy to maintain.

This rectangular mat measures 32 inches in length and 20 inches in width, with a thickness of 0.35 inches, making it a large yet elegant fixture in any bathroom. Its robust build, weighing 7 pounds, ensures it stays firmly in place, while its rapid absorption feature keeps the surface dry and ready for use.

Benefits of Using a Stone Bath Mat

Stone bath mats, like the Drytomita®, offer several advantages over traditional options:

  • Quick Drying: The mat's ability to dry rapidly prevents the buildup of mold and bacteria, which are common in damp bathroom environments.
  • Hygiene: The natural properties of diatomaceous earth help in killing bacteria and other pathogens, ensuring a cleaner surface.
  • Ease of Cleaning: With a flat surface, the Drytomita® is straightforward to maintain, needing only minimal care to keep it looking new.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made from natural materials, it is a more sustainable choice that contributes to a reduced environmental footprint.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Its modern style complements any bathroom decor, enhancing the overall look with a touch of sophistication.

How to Clean Your Stone Bath Mat

Maintaining your Drytomita® Stone Bath Mat is key to extending its lifespan and ensuring it continues to perform at its best. Here’s how you can keep your mat in pristine condition:

1) Initial Setup

Upon unpacking your new Drytomita® Stone Bath Mat, you might notice a bit of powder or a faint smell—this is perfectly normal. To prepare your mat for its first use, gently cleanse the surface with a sponge under running water. Rinse thoroughly and set it vertically in a well-ventilated area to air dry.

2) Regular Maintenance

Breathing Routine: To maintain optimal condition, allow your bath mat to 'breathe'. Simply stand it vertically once a week within your bathroom. This straightforward practice helps maintain its natural properties without the need to move it outdoors.

Light Stains: If you notice light stains, tackle them promptly with detergent and a sponge. Vigorously scrub the stained area, rinse thoroughly with water, and stand the mat up to dry. Acting quickly increases your chances of completely removing the stain. For tougher stains, small amounts of bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or vinegar can be used sparingly.

3) Deep Cleaning

Every three to six months, or if you notice a decrease in absorption, a more thorough cleaning is required. Use the 200 Grit sandpaper provided with your mat (or any sandpaper ranging from 150 to 220 Grit) to gently sand the entire surface. Focus especially on the areas that receive the most foot traffic. We recommend doing this outdoors, as sanding can generate fine dust that might dirty your indoor space. After sanding, rinse the mat under water and set it to stand and dry.

Here you can find a video with the cleaning instructions.

Important Reminders

Avoid prolonged exposure of your Drytomita® Stone Bath Mat to direct sunlight and harsh chemicals, as these can compromise the mat's integrity and effectiveness.

Where to Find the Stone Bath Mat

The Drytomita® is the first registered brand of a Stone Bath Mat in the USA, highlighting its unique position in the market. For those looking to purchase the Drytomita® stone bath mat, it is readily available on platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and the website. This accessibility ensures that you can easily integrate this stylish and practical bathroom accessory into your home.

User Experiences and Reviews

User feedback and reviews across various platforms, including stone bath mat review and stone bath mat Reddit, highlight the satisfaction among consumers. Many users praise the mat for its durability and functional design, particularly noting its quick-drying and hygienic features. The Drytomita® has been lauded for how well it fits into diverse bathroom settings, both large and small.


The Drytomita® stone bath mat by Momo Lifestyle is a standout product that combines aesthetics with functionality. Its innovative design and practical benefits make it an excellent choice for modern homes looking for sustainable, stylish, and hygienic bathroom solutions. By following the simple cleaning guidelines, you can enjoy this beautiful and practical bath mat for years to come.