Have you had contact with Bisphenol A?

Have you had contact with Bisphenol A?


What on earth is Bisphenol A?

Also known by the acronym BPA, it is a compound widely used to make packaging for various types of products, such as containers for storing food, plastic bottles, canned goods, and so on.

When these containers are exposed to high temperatures, bisphenol A is released and can contaminate the food, posing some risks to health, especially in the endocrine system, which can affect the production of sperm, development of cysts in ovaries, and even malformations in the embryo in the case of pregnant women.

Due to the risks, some countries around the world such as China, Canada, the United Kingdom, and some US states have already completely banned the production of the compound.

How to identify Bisphenol A in packaging?

Products that have polycarbonate consequently have BPA. It is also important to observe the presence of the number 7 and number 3 inside the plastic recycling symbol on the packaging (as shown in the image), as these numbers represent that the material was made using bisphenol.

For this reason, Momo products are free of Bisphenol A. The Mini Retractable Blender and the electric pumps that come into contact with food and water during use are made of safe, food-grade material to ensure the safety of our consumers.

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