5 lessons learned from COVID

5 lessons learned from COVID - Momo Lifestyle


1. Cherishing those we love

Often, we need to go through difficult times to see the obvious. The pandemic showed us that life is fleeting and that the only things that remain are the good times we spend with those we love. A call to focus on what's essential.

2. Being here and now

When we get stuck in the past or anxious about the future, we don't truly live, as we're always somewhere else and never truly present. Waiting to achieve something, to do something, to be something, in order to then be satisfied with life can be risky. First, because tomorrow may not come, and second, if our happiness is tied to external factors, we become hostages to things we cannot control.


How about taking advantage of the present, which is the only guarantee we have, to live what's really important to us?

3. Keeping health in check (physical and mental)

This is not the first time we've had to deal with pandemics, unfortunately, situations like these are uncontrollable. The lesson here is the importance of taking care of our physical health, with a good diet and regular exercise to strengthen the immune system and, if necessary, to face possible infectious agents.



Now more than ever, we recognize the importance of mental health to navigate life's adversities wisely and maturely, not allowing poorly processed emotions to affect our physical and mental well-being.

4. Good hygiene

Another important lesson is regarding personal hygiene. Hygiene habits must continue to prevent infection from other agents. One way is to wash hands and also to use alcohol due to its antimicrobial action.

To facilitate hygiene habits in our daily lives, a great option is the alcohol dispenser that activates by proximity and doesn't leave hands sticky, bringing practicality during busy times. Check it out in the video below:


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