5 Eco-Friendly Home Decor Trends to Embrace in 2024

5 Eco-Friendly Home Decor Trends to Embrace in 2024 - Evelyn Momo

The year 2024 is a great time to update your living area with fashionable and eco-friendly furnishings. Since we at Momo Lifestyle are all about adopting eco-friendly trends, let's get started on five creative ways to add sustainability and flair to your house this year. ✨♻️


  1. Upcycled Furniture: One of the hottest trends right now is upcycled furniture. This involves giving old or discarded furniture pieces a new lease on life by transforming them into something fresh and fabulous. Consider reused pallet coffee tables, restored wooden chairs, or even an amusing bookcase built from old crates. Repurposed furniture not only gives your house personality but also helps reduce waste.
  2. Biodegradable Materials: When it comes to choosing materials for your home decor, opt for biodegradable options whenever possible. Materials like diatomaceous earth, cork, and recycled glass are not only environmentally friendly but also durable and stylish. Consider bamboo flooring, cork wall tiles, recycled glass countertops, or diatomaceous earth decoration, as you can find here, to add a touch of sustainability to your home.
  3. Energy-Efficient Lighting: The way you light your home affects not only the environment but also your energy costs. Making the switch to energy-efficient LED lighting and fixtures will both reduce your carbon footprint and make your house seem cozy and welcoming. For even more lighting efficiency, think about adding motion sensors, like our Luzinha or Momo Glow, and dimmer switches.
  4. Indoor Plants: Bringing nature indoors is a trend that never goes out of style. Not only do indoor plants add a pop of color and texture to your decor, but they also help purify the air and improve your overall well-being. Consider creating a vertical garden, a collection of succulents, or a hanging plant display to brighten up your space.
  5. Smart Home Technology: By making an investment in this technology, you may live a more sustainable lifestyle and use less energy. There are several options to select from, including water-saving appliances, automated blinds, smart lighting, and thermostat systems. These gadgets not only increase the efficiency of your house but also give your interior design a contemporary twist.

Embracing these eco-friendly home decor trends in 2024 can help you create a stylish and sustainable living space that reflects your commitment to the environment. At Momo Lifestyle, we're here to support you on your journey to a greener home! 🌱💚